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The process of creating a sail bag in 10 steps.


I don’t know if 10 points is enough to describe the process of creating a Seashopper bag from used sails, but you can always try! So get to work!

1. The search for old sails is probably the most important and longest stage, because looking for used sails in nice colors and in the right condition is an extremely difficult task,
2. Getting rid of completely damaged sail fragments such as rust stains, oil stains, holes or patches,
3. Recovering old fittings, brass and steel carabiners,
4. Cleaning the sails so that the sewing is pleasant and that all the smells of seaweed, basements and hangars do not bother us,
5. Manual punching of bag templates,
6. Sewing bags and sachets,
7. Stamping and placing the geographical coordinates of the place of origin of the sail,
8. Cutting ropes and braiding knots for handles,
9. Finishing the handles with natural upcycled  leather from leftovers and scraps from mass production,
10. Completing a bag with an inner sachet, so that the end result pleases the eyes and is mega-functional.

And this is how old sails get a new life. Simple? I think so. Time-consuming? Oh very much! Give you satisfaction? Yes, and so great!