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dreams and memories


I love to sail. I have spent every holiday on the water since I was a child. Dad took me on boat cruises to Masuria Lake District, and today I am taking my children there. Whenever I see a yacht, I subconsciously feel the wind on my face and the silence interrupted by the sail from time to time The sail, which saw many things, survived many storms, was lashed with rain and stroked by the rays of the sun. Have you ever wondered what is happening to the sail when it is tired of life and coming down from the mast? Yes, unfortunately … It goes to the basement, garage or garbage container. Nobody thinks about the fact that the sail was a witness of many beautiful moments, or about the fact that you can do something else instead of piling up the garbage. That’s why I try to give my sails a second life. For me, the continuity of history is important. I change the sails that survived series of adventures on the seas and oceans into unique bags that still hold sea memories. Each bag is different, unique and full of memories. In each of them I put a stamp with geographic coordinates, to show where the sail spent its active life and from where it came to me. I’m responsible for what I do with the sails. I am very happy when the Argentum bag with the new owner travels around the world, visits new countries, and often goes back on the boat or even to the sea coast. The thought, that by carrying such a bag you become a part of the history of the sail and even add your own private story, gives me incredible energy to act. You carry memories in the bag, and memories are probably the most valuable things that nobody will take away from you.