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What to do with old sails?


First of all, don’t throw it away. Too bad the sails, material, and memories gathered in them.

Secondly, garbage collection costs money, so it is worth considering giving it to someone who will make good use of them. Such someone can be e.g. me!

All the time I am looking for used sails in basements and hangars. I visit yacht clubs. I talk to individual sailors. I prick my ears everywhere and look for colorful spinnakers and gennakers as well as white Dacron main sails, jibs, and genoas.

So, if you don’t know what to do with your grandfather’s sail or your daughter’s old training sail, contact me! Call, write, and send photos. I will bend over every scrap of sailcloth.

Just don’t throw it away! Give your sails a second life! As a thank you, I will sew a handbag from your or your family’s nautical memories. A perfect bag for a gift for grandma, mother, or daughter. Every sailing woman will be delighted! I guarantee!