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Trade the sail for a bag!


Promotion – sail bag!

Send us your old sails with an area of ​​at least 30 sq m. and we will sew a bag full of your own memories and send it back as a gift.

Moving old sails from corner to corner? The basement is bursting at the seams? Get rid of used sails and give them to us.

Write an e-mail to the address of the store or directly to me

Give the dimensions of the sail, its condition, and type – whether it is a Dacron sail, a gennaker, or maybe a spinnaker. Attach photos and be sure to provide geographical coordinates of the place where you sailed under this sail. I promise that as a thank you you will receive a beautiful bag with a stamp indicating the place of origin of the sail, which is where he spent most of his active life on the yacht.

Write, send, and redo!

Give your sails a second life!