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How to lean the sail bag?



Can the Seashopper bag be washed?

course it can! I recommend hand washing. A little soap, washing liquid, and water will not hurt her. Use a sponge or brush as you like.
What about the handle? The ropes are typically nautical, so they are resistant to severe weather conditions, UV, and discoloration. They are also not afraid of washing.
The only thing left is the leather. It is natural, often also naturally colored. Under the influence of water, it can change its structure or slightly discolor. Well, we don’t put moccasins in the washing machine either, do we? Hence, I always recommend hand washing. Then the leather can be spared intensive baths.
The sails dry very quickly. So if you wash the bag without getting the rope wet, you will enjoy it the same day!
So get to work! You have to prepare a sail bag for the new season!